Selecting a Major or Career

Selecting a major can be a challenge for students but they don’t have to go through the process alone. Encourage your student to take one of our self-assessments designed to help them identify their strengths, interests and skills and translate them into majors and careers. Also, available on our Career Development website is a complete list of Wake Forest’s liberal arts majors and some of the career options that could be later available with the skills learned in that major. As you talk to your student about selecting their major here are a few helpful questions to ask:

  • What skills might you learn in that major?
  • What aspects of this academic field interest you most?

Remember, your student does not have to have a career in their major. Religion majors become doctors, Anthropology majors become business consultants, and Political Science majors become computer programmers. The most important aspect to your student’s major can be the broad skills they learn not the specific academic field.