Wake Forest University Career Connectors

Professional relationships are the key to our students’ success.

Wake Forest has developed a new LinkedIn networking group called Wake Forest Career Connectors.  This group serves as the primary professional resource to empower students with information on alumni and parent success while providing the ability to easily reach out for tips and advice.  Joining this group gives you the ability to share with students up-to-date details on your industry, organization, and position.  In doing so, you equip our students with knowledge for their internship and job search preparations.  Know that our students understand the value of networking and are being trained to get the full functionality of Linkedin resources.  Participation is easy and requires only three simple steps:

  1. Go to the Wake Forest University Career Connectors Linkedin page
  2. Click *join*and a staff member will review and then accept you into the group
  3. Respond to Wake Forest students who request a networking opportunity