Careers in Consulting Networking Night 2018

Careers in Consulting Networking Night 2018

The Wake Forest Employer Relations Team would like to again thank you for recruiting our students!

As we continually try to identify ways in which we can improve upon the services we offer to both our students and our employer partners, we are excited to announce the 2018 Careers in Consulting Networking Night

This event is designed to consolidate the plethora of consulting industry recruiting and networking events into a single event.

We will hold the Networking Night on Tuesday, September 18, 2018.

This event will be beneficial for both students and employers, as it will:

  • Draw more students than any single information session will, allowing employers access to a bigger pool of prospects;
  • Provide students with one dedicated evening for corporate presentations against a busy calendar of more evening classes being offered and other commitments;
  • Eliminate the need for students to choose between competing information sessions;
  • Educate students about multiple organizations and sectors within consulting; and
  • Offer brand building to a large student population and provide greater access to underclassmen.

This event will begin in the Broyhill Auditorium in Farrell Hall.

To register, click here.