GPS Fair

Graduate Professional School Day

Nearly 30% of WFU graduates return to school to pursue advanced degrees following graduation.

Graduate Professional School Day is an opportunity for students who are considering graduate school as an option directly following their WFU graduation or at some point in their career. Whether you are sure or just exploring, here’s one way to gain more clarity. Talking to admissions representatives (full list of participating schools below) gives you the opportunity to discover programs, ask questions, and connect with decision makers.


5 Tips to Help You Make the Most of GPS Day

1. Perfect your resume before the fair. Resume review hours are Monday-Thursday 1 PM – 4 PM in OPCD, Reynolda Hall, Room 230. Check out the resume page for more info about how to market yourself on paper and out loud.

2. Research which programs may interest you.   This will allow you to think of what questions you’d like to ask and what each program has to offer. Below is a list of participating graduate school programs.

3. Dress to impress. First impressions often begin with what you are wearing! Your outfit should be wrinkle and stain free, neat and professional. Bringing a portfolio or folder to jot down notes and collect business cards is also a good idea.

4. Smile, stay positive and ask questions! Not sure how your academic interest or further career goals fit with a program? The best way to find out is to ask.

5. Say “Thank You.” Be sure to ask for a business card or jot down the recruiter’s contact information. Sending a follow-up thank you note within 24-48 will allow you to show gratitude and reference specific details from your conversation to further cement a lasting impression.