Career Education Events

Information Sessions

Information Sessions are held during the academic year, primarily in the late afternoon / early evening, and are limited to 1 hour.

This type event works best for organizations that already have great brand recognition and desirability in the marketplace. We do not recommend information sessions for brand building as this presents attendance challenges.

If you would like to learn more or schedule an information session, please contact Lisa Simmons at or 336-758-4485.

Employer Spotlight 

The most effective way to reach students? Come to where they are. Employer Relations offers an “employer spotlight” that will allow organizations to engage with students in their everyday activities. Whether walking to class, from the Pit, or heading to the library, you’re there. We provide the banner, promotion and table, and you provide information on your organization!

The event is free, but we do suggest choosing a snack/beverage option from our on-campus caterer. Because let’s be honest… What student doesn’t love free food?