Handshake Updates

Application Deadlines

We have seen many of you list application deadlines months out. We’d like to encourage you to consider posting your opportunities with a 3-4 week deadline, with the option to extend the deadline if you so choose. We know that students work towards deadlines, and deadlines further out mean they may become lost in the overwhelming amount of opportunities posted in Handshake (which exceeds 25,000 on a daily basis).

Double-check Your Postings

Handshake has a feature to match your posted job/internship opportunities with 380+ job roles in an effort to assist students with easily finding opportunities based on their career interests. We have found instances where job roles have been inaccurately attached to some job postings. We strongly encourage you to review your postings after you initially submit them to ensure the system has correctly identified the best matches for the opportunity. Review this Handshake resource to see tips on this feature and share with others involved in campus recruiting who might be posting opportunities on your organization’s behalf.

Event Categories

Handshake has launched a new feature, Event Categories, designed to help students find events. In order to optimize the search functionality, we recommend that you select up to two Event Categories on the “Visibility and Branding” page of your events. The image below shows the options that you can select from: 

Trust Score, University Approvals, and Messaging Changes

Over the next few months, Handshake will be making several changes to the following areas:

  • Trust Score: The Trust Score will be eliminated. 
  • Connecting to Schools: If you are already connected to a school via Handshake, you will remain connected. If you have a Handshake account but are not connected to a school of interest, you can connect by posting a job/internship or an employer-hosted event (information session, webinar, etc.), or by participating in a school’s event (career fair, networking night, etc.). 
  • Student Messaging: Employers will now be able to message students directly for schools at which they are approved. Premium Handshake employers will have an unlimited messaging option. Organizations that do not have Premium Handshake accounts will have a limit of 100 student messages per semester across all the schools they are connected with. There is one exception: If you have had contact with a student through a job application, virtual event, or virtual career fair, the message limit to that student does not apply or count toward the maximum messaging number.