On-campus Interview Space Request

Students who need a private room for telephone or virtual interviews with employers may request a room within the Brockway Recruiting Suite (Farrell Hall, Room A05) by completing a reservation within DeaconSpace. Review the steps, tips, and checklist below to ensure your room request will meet your interview space needs.

We are now booking rooms through DeaconSpace.

To complete your reservation:

  1. Navigate to the provided link above.
  2. Select your affiliation (for most students in will be Wake Forest University).
  3. Enter the site using your Wake Forest Gmail account.
  4. Select “Wake Interview Spaces.”
  5. Enter the date and time on the left hand side and click “Search.” Note: If you interview begins before 8:30 am or ends after 5:00 pm, you will need to contact the Brockway Recruiting Center to schedule an after-hours time slot.
  6. Select an available room by hitting the small round plus sign icon (+) next to the room name.
  7. Click the “Next Step” button in the upper right hand corner. Proceed to “Reservation Details.”
  8. Enter in your interview information. You will need to enter in all fields marked with a red outline. For students who are making their first reservation in Deacon Space, please see the note below.
  9. Click “Create Reservation” button. You will receive a confirmation email.

On the day of your interview, come into the Brockway Recruiting Center located on the Auditorium level of Farrell Hall in Suite A05. Be sure to check in at the front desk.

Is this your first reservation in DeaconSpace?

If so, you will need to take one extra step. On the “Reservation Details” page, scroll down to “Group.” Next to “Group” you will see a small magnifying glass icon. Select this icon and search for “Student Personal” in the pop up window that appears. Once selected, hit close. You will only need to complete this step on time.

Virtual Interviews

If you sign up for a virtual interview and indicate that you need addition technical support or a web cam, your room may differ from the one that you directly reserved. There are a limited number of high-definition web cams that are used on a first come, first serve basis. If a high-definition web cam cannot be provided, we can offer a laptop riser for your computer.

Be sure to check out this checklist before your virtual interview.

Phone Interviews

Interview spaces are not equipped with telephones. You are strongly encouraged to visit the Brockway Recruiting Center and test your cell-phone service in an interview room before your interview. A reservation for a speakerphone may be made ahead of time if necessary.