Exploring a Career in Finance/Prof. Services (Virtual)

December 17, 2022 8:00 pm (all WFU students)

If you want to get “career ready” on your own time or perhaps were not able to get into the popular College-to-Career courses offered by the Wake Forest Department of Education, check out Career Core.

With learning modules taught by Wake Forest professor Heidi Robinson and spotlighted Wake Forest students, you’ll learn about how to figure out potential careers that fit your unique interests, about the wide range of jobs and careers available, how to leverage LinkedIn and Handshake, create great resumes and cover letters, find cool internships and jobs, gain access to specialized career coaches who have worked in popular fields like technology, banking, politics, analytics, arts and media – and importantly, how to leverage your liberal arts education.

Career Core is perfect for students who have no idea what they want to do – as well as for those who do know exactly what they want.

During this session, Career Core by Kaplan coaches will share more about their own finance/prof. services career journeys, the breadth of career opportunities in this industry, and their advice for exploring/pursuing those careers. There will also be time for open Q&A.

Join the session here.