Job Offer Cancelled

First things first, there are still other jobs being posted and companies hiring and remember this is not a reflection on you.


  1. Re-open your search:
  2. Stay in contact with your employer by writing a note or email (see sample below); You may be called when the market rebounds.
  3. Look at the opportunities in the Employer Pulse email sent on Sundays
  4. Prepare and practice interviewing with these resources.
  5. Network – Continue to network by reaching out to your personal network, family friends, and WFU alumni. Here are resources to help.


Email to Employer for Internship/Job Offer Rescinded:

Dear Ms. or Mr. ________________ (substitute first name if appropriate & used previously),

Thank you for your email during this challenging transition.  I hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

I am especially grateful that you selected me as a potential member of your team at _________( organization).  I am passionate about this industry and especially excited about the work _____________ does. Right now, I am finishing up this semester at Wake Forest remotely and have had the opportunity to continue my research on ____________ (your industry) and developing additional (skills or proficiencies) in ___________ (skills from classes, or self-study like LinkedIn Learning workshops or classes that would add value such as programming and/or professional certifications).

As things change in the coming weeks and months, I would like to stay in touch and would welcome the chance to complete projects remotely.

Again, thank you for being in touch regarding the internship.  I look forward to hearing how things improve for you and will be in touch to see how you are doing.


Your Name