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The Office of Personal & Career Development provides resources and support to you as a Wake Forest University alumnus/a in a variety of ways, including:

Career Resources

We recommend several useful, online job search and company research tools for you to access as you consider potential job and career changes:

Career Shift – Make a free account using the WFU email address assigned to you as a student or your WFU alumni email address. This database searches company employment websites for related job openings based on specific search criteria that you provide.  You can apply for jobs, save jobs and companies in which you may have an interest, and find LinkedIn contacts by company.

Indeed – By offering you a concise list of job postings in your field and area of interest by combing companies’ websites for job listings, does the hard work for you. Use your skills or interests to help narrow down your options and find a variety of jobs looking to hire you in your geographical area of interest.

Goinglobal – A great online resource to learn about international job opportunities, hiring rules and regulations in different countries, and tips and advice on organizing your search.

City Resources – We provide links to city-based job search sites and company resources for several major cities across the U.S.

Explore Careers – Many organizations post positions on job boards specific to their industry. Through the Explore Careers page, you can click on your field of interest and locate a list of related industry-specific job search sites at the bottom of the page.


Did you know that approximately 70% of jobs are found via networking and connections? Networking is an integral part of the job search process, and we recommend the following strategies for connecting with other Wake Forest alumni across the country in your areas of interest:

  • Leverage the WFU Alumni connections you have by searching for opportunities on and using the More/LinkedIn feature to see if you have any connections in the organization.
  • Check out the local WFU Alumni Clubs in your locations of interest.  Most clubs provide opportunities for alumni to engage with one another through social and networking events.

Graduate and Professional School Resources

Consider the following resources as you researching your graduate school options:

Graduate School Research Resources

Petersons – Excellent website for researching specific graduate programs and degrees based on location.

GRE – Information on taking the GRE, the exam required for many graduate program admissions.

GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT – Admissions exam information for business, law, and medical schools.

Personal Statement – Useful tips for writing a personal statement essay for graduate school applications.

Career Coaching

The Professional Development Center at Wake Forest offers One-on-One Coaching services available for a fee.