Translate Passions & Pursuits into Careers

Regardless of your major, the skill sets you gain at Wake Forest allow you to pursue a wide range of career opportunities. You have the resources to explore the possible careers, industries, positions, and helpful resources. From theatre, to journalism, nonprofits, and more, the opportunities are endless.

You can discover a wide range of career options, and find what best aligns with YOUR values and YOUR interests. Why? Because YOU are the driver behind the wheels of YOUR life.

Another Way to Explore…

is to meet with a career coach. The OPCD is staffed with coaches to guide you through this process. No need to go it alone!

Explore in a Class

Earn credit while exploring! EDU 120 and EDU 220 are college-to-career course that will help you find which career aligns with your strengths and passions.

Career Core by Kaplan

Career Core by Kaplan is free to Wake Forest University students. The courses are taught by our very own Wake Forest professor Heidi Robinson and spotlighted Wake Forest students.