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Before you go

While away

We know you will be busy with academics and immersing yourself in the culture, but you will still want to do the following:

Recruiting while abroad

How to participate in recruiting

You have full access to Handshake and can participate in virtual events, search for jobs/internships, apply, and even interview while abroad. Here are some helpful tips on optimizing your Handshake search while abroad.

Employer events

If you are interested in an on-campus employer event listed on Handshake, you should email for the employer’s contact information.

Important: You are responsible for reaching out to organizations to express interest. You should explain that you are currently studying abroad and would like to request information that will be shared with students during the on-campus presentation.


If you have applied and are selected for an interview within Handshake, you should email and supply the organization name, job/internship title, interview date, and the interview time you have already signed up for within Handshake so that a virtual connection can be set up for you with the employer. Make sure to prepare for your interview, review the tips on virtual interviews, follow the directions provided to you by Employer Relations, and show up on time.

Important: A minimum 48-hour lead time is needed to ensure that a virtual connection can be arranged.

School-specific information