April ’24 News

As the academic year draws to a close and we approach commencement, we understand that this is a time of excitement and anticipation for our students and their families. While many of our students have successfully secured employment, it’s important to note that it’s common for some to still be in the job-searching process.

We take pride in the fact that over 97% of Wake Forest graduates are traditionally employed or enrolled in graduate programs within six months of graduation. We encourage your student to stay positive and persistent in their job search.
We have compiled a list of helpful tips to assist in this journey. Please remember, our team is always here to support your student in every step of their career path.

April 2024 Parents webinar

College students

Here are the five most effective tips for your student as they continue their search for internships or job opportunities:

  1. Leverage the OPCD: Encourage your student to utilize the Office of Personal and Career Development (OPCD). Our team is eager to assist through individual coaching sessions, workshops, practice interviews, and more. We’re here to support your student’s career journey, even after graduation.
  2. Connect with Alumni: Advise your student to join professional groups on LinkedIn and reach out to Wake Forest alumni for guidance and networking. Informational interviews can be incredibly valuable, providing insights and connections that may lead to future opportunities.
  3. Update Professional Documents: Your student can visit the OPCD between 1:30 and 4:30 PM, Monday through Thursday, for assistance in starting or refining their resume and LinkedIn profile. Highlighting relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments is crucial in attracting potential employers.
  4. Monitor Handshake Regularly: Encourage your student to set up job search agents and check Handshake regularly for opportunities that align with their skills and interests. It’s a great tool for discovering new openings.
  5. Be Proactive: Encourage your student not to wait for opportunities to come to them. Researching companies of interest and reaching out to express their enthusiasm to work there can leave a lasting impression, even if there are no immediate openings.

Please remind your student that perseverance and a proactive approach are key in the job search process. We are here to provide support and guidance every step of the way.

School of Business students

April is here and the perfect time to boost your student’s job and internship search! Here are four fun and effective strategies to help them shine:

  1. Network Like a Pro: Encourage your student to connect with friends, faculty, alumni, and business professionals. Expanding their network can work wonders, and staying in touch with contacts can help them stand out when opportunities arise.
  2. Polish Your Online Presence: A stellar Handshake and LinkedIn profile are must-haves! Employers scout these platforms for talent, so ensure your student’s profiles are top-notch and reflect their professional brand.
  3. Stay on Top of Messages and Emails: Remind your students to check their Handshake messages and emails regularly. Sometimes, what seems like spam could be a golden opportunity from a real employer! If they’re unsure about an employer’s legitimacy or how to reply, they should reach out to their career coach. Plus, weekly emails are packed with job and internship opportunities—ensure they’re opening and engaging with these gems.
  4. Team Up with the Pros: The Market Readiness and Employment team is here to guide your students through their search journey. They can book appointments via Handshake, join group coaching sessions, chat with career peer advisors, and attend workshops to learn about the job market and strategic search tactics.
Partner with us!

As we approach the conclusion of the semester, we continue to actively seek outstanding job opportunities for our May graduates and summer internships for our underclassmen. If your organization has available positions or is aware of opportunities within your network, we kindly request that you share this information with Dana Hutchens at hutchens@wfu.edu. Your assistance in connecting our students with meaningful opportunities is greatly appreciated.

What can you do as a parent?

Parents play a critical role in their child’s college experience and their decisions for the future. However, the world of work is quite different than 30, 20 or even 10 years ago. In order to give your student sound advice, it is essential for you to understand the environment, resources and opportunities available for your student. You can play an integral role as your student navigates through their time at Wake Forest and makes plans for their future.

How can I guide my student through the college-to-career process?

You know the furniture assembly instructions that are impossible to follow especially when you have missing parts? Our Ready 7 process is not like that! We not only provide 7 achievable steps for students to follow, but also the tools and resources to complete them in order to be fully “career and life ready.” As a supporter of your student, we are providing you with a Ready 7 guide which includes language on how to help your scholar navigate the process.

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