Vice President Andy Chan mentioned in the Chronicle of Higher Education

Vice President for Innovation and Career Development Andy Chan was mentioned in the Chronicle of Education on Tuesday, October 2. The article, “Graduates Are Told They Can Do Anything With Their Degrees. Is That Why They Feel Lost?”, cited Wake Forest University as an industry leader in the movement to blend a liberal-arts education with practical or technical skills and the Office of Personal & Career Development as leading the charge: “The university has been lauded for its work in career counseling, with its vice president for innovation and career development, Andy Chan, becoming something of a rock star among colleges’ career counselors.” The article linked to Chan’s popular 2013 TEDx talk, “‘Career Services’ Must Die,” in which he asserted that the typical “career services” offered at most colleges at the time did not adequately address the dynamics of today’s world and students’ needs. Read more. >>



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