Mudit Singhania

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Advisory Consultant at Aon Cyber Solutions


What advice would you give students who have an interest in STEM/Health?

When looking for a job, make sure you apply to places that really resonate with you, if you do not find the position and the work you will be doing interesting to you, don’t accept the position just because it pays well, you will not thrive there.


What WFU career resources did you utilize that were most helpful to you?

I used the OPCD for resume review, Internship and Job searches. Also, utilized Handshake to apply for most of the jobs I got an offer from. Big shoutout to Brian Mendenhall for helping me out, great resource!!


What courses, activities or experiences gave you an edge in the job search process?

For Computer Science, the technical classes, in general, were very helpful, but more specifically classes, where you work on real world projects such as Software Developing or IOS/Android developing, were very helpful.

I would also say being diverse is very helpful, for my current job, one of the interview rounds included a language test, where you need to find patterns, knowing a 2nd language was helpful.

In terms of experience, if you have had prior work experience or club activities in the job-specific area you apply for that would be helpful.


What specific advice would you give regarding effective networking?

If you are going to a networking event, make sure to carry resumes with you, always show an interest in the story of the person you are talking to, and don’t just talk about yourself, make sure to get their business card or email address and send them an email later that day and you can even attach your resume there if you’d like. Always make sure to send a follow-up email a week later depending on the conversation.


What specific advice would you give to students regarding effective interviewing?

Just be yourself, don’t try to answer questions you don’t know the answer to, it will seem disrespectful and the interviewer can always tell. Do your research about the company and the interviewer if you know who will be interviewing you. Finally, make sure you ask a question at the end about the interviewer’s work experience.


Are there any books, magazines, websites, etc. that you would recommend to students who are interested in STEM/Health?

Stay up to date with current events through various news websites – setting up google alerts is helpful, be on the lookout for news in your area of interest, it can come up during an interview

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