Career Advising Resources

Once students have selected their major, they become increasingly concerned about what they can do with that major. We encourage you to use the list of resources below to help guide your conversations with your advisees.

Help students choose a career direction

Once your student’s major coursework is well underway, it’s a good time to focus on their career path options. Our students can begin to explore their values, interests, skills, and personality through our recommended self-assessments. Even if your students know their intended career path, taking one of our assessments may help confirm their decision or teach them more about your professional skills. Additionally,  they can explore possible career paths on Firsthand and meet with a Career Coach to discuss their options.

Support their Internship Search

Students should begin preparing their internship search materials to impress potential employers.  When meeting with students, let them know that career counselors are available to help them make sure their resumes are in top shape at our daily resume reviews: 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM Monday through Thursday. Internship opportunities are posted throughout the year on Handshake and databases like UCAN and

Encourage an up-to-date Handshake account

Most declared majors have a Handshake profile.  It is wise for students to review their accounts and update their profiles and career preference anytime something changes.  Updating their profiles will help us keep track of their interests so they can be up-to-date on relevant career events and opportunities.

Additionally, your students can prepare for face-to-face interviews on their own time with InterviewPrep or schedule a mock interview to make sure they’re prepared to discuss their qualifications and interests.

Many students are beginning to build their professional network by creating a LinkedIn profile to start making connections. If junior students are focusing on strengthening their resume and network as well as their interviewing skills now, they will be well prepared for the senior year job search process.

Apply for Jobs

Opportunities for your students are posted throughout the year on Handshake as well as  While we encourage students to utilize these online search engines, networking is the top source of jobs for your students.  To support their networking endeavors, encourage students to create a LinkedIn profile and start making connections.  For additional support, your students should see a career coach to hone their networking skills and identify unique opportunities.