Case Interviews

Case interviews are used by consulting firms to evaluate your analytical thinking skills and your poise under pressure.  Typically a case focuses on solving a business problem and your goal throughout the interview is to discuss and analyze the problem with the interviewer and provide a recommendation based on quantitative and qualitative reasoning. The purpose of the interview is not necessarily to get the “right” answer, but to show that you can think critically and logically, remain calm under pressure and that you understand fundamental business concepts. In addition to a case, you might also be asked brainteaser or math based questions.

If you have an interest in consulting as a career or will be interviewing with a firm that conducts case interviews, take a look at the resources below to begin your preparation.  To be a successful case interviewer you will need to prepare in advance and practice many “live” cases before the real interview.

  • Read Case in Point by Marc Cosentino to learn about case interviews, frameworks to solve cases, and practice cases. Also, review this PDF for case interview tips compiled from Case in Point.
  • Case Questions is an online platform to fully prepare you for case interviews. All WFU students have access to through the email.
  • Log on to and use their Case Interview guide to find more practice brain teasers and problems.
  • Schedule a case mock interview with our office by filling out the Mock Interview Request Form.
  • Find other students who are preparing for case interviews. Giving a case interview to someone else can be just as beneficial as practicing them yourself.