Leave them with no choice but to hire you.

Your palms begin to sweat, voice gets shaky, and stomach does a flip. Trust us, we get it! Selling yourself on paper seems simple… But in person?! It can be scary. But, not to fear. Like any good athlete, you need to practice and prepare before going into the game! From questions to ask, strategies to use, and even mock-interview opportunities, you’ve got the ingredients you need for a batch of success.

Questions you might be asked

General questions an interviewer may ask you

Questions to Ask

Sample questions to ask an interviewer

Practice Makes Perfect

Have a big job or internship interview coming up and not sure how to prepare? Like any good athlete, you need to practice before going into the game! Let us assist you in making a strategic game plan for acing your interview and landing the job.

What to do Before, After, and During the Interview

An interview is your opportunity to convince a potential employer that you are the right person for the position you want!

Other Resources

Career Core by Kaplan

Career Core by Kaplan is free to Wake Forest University students. The courses are taught by our very own Wake Forest professor Heidi Robinson and spotlighted Wake Forest students.