What it means to be Ready7.

It isn’t just about the job you land once the diploma is in your hand, it’s more than that. To be Ready7 means you’re prepared and focused for whatever life may throw your way. From your aspirations, to the people who believe in you, even to how you believe in yourself… These seven tools give direction and purpose to the unclear and often-daunting journey from college to career.


How well do you understand yourself and what matters to you?  Do you know your valuable and authentic attributes including your interests, strengths, values and skills?


Have you developed an understanding of 3-5 potential career paths that are of interest to you?

  • Investigate careers here
  • Browse Wake Forest alumni profiles by city, career or major on LinkedIn
  • Have a conversation with alumni or contacts in your area of interest to help determine which options to more deeply investigate now


Have you developed strong, updated self-marketing materials including your LinkedIn and Handshake profiles, resume, cover letter and professional introduction?

Network and
Relationship Building

Do you know how to make professional connections and build mutually supportive relationships with experienced professionals?

  • Answer “What do you want to do when you leave Wake Forest?”
  • Share your career interests with your “living network”: family, friends, professors, family friends; they may connect you with opportunities or contacts
  • See where alumni are living and working on LinkedIn and connect with them to have a conversation

Interviewing Skills

Have you learned how to effectively communicate how your skills and experiences meet the needs of organizations and careers in your area of interest?

  • Identify the skills needed in the opportunity or posting you’ve found
  • Choose the experience(s) where you have used those skills
  • Practice the most common interviewing questions with an OPCD coach or on InterviewStream

Professional Skills
and Literacy

Do you have the mindset, information and skills to be highly effective and successful in the workplace?

“Workplace Ready” Communications: professional verbal and written communication skills/etiquette/experience, effective public speaking and presentation skills

“Workplace Ready” Skills: business basics, technology literacy, data analytics/excel, project management, collaboration/teamwork, inclusion, and social/digital media

  • Use professionalism in your correspondence
  • Develop your public speaking skills by presenting in class
  • Learn Excel and business technology skills with Lynda

Life and Leadership

Do you have the mindset, knowledge and skills to build a flourishing life after college?

Character: Interpersonal and relational skills, virtues, ethics, reflection, grit, resilience, growth/entrepreneurial mindset, vision, ambition and goals

Lifelong Learning: Personal financial management, healthy habits and lifestyle, building community (e.g. friendships and support networks), resourcefulness, service

  • Take a course on ethics or communication skills in the workplace
  • Build a budget using CashCourse
  • Develop a vision for the kinds of activities and experiences you would like to have in your life after graduation