Interviews are going virtual

Virtual interviewing is becoming more and more popular with employers. You’ll need to prepare for a virtual interview differently than an in-person one. Below are checklists for different types of virtual interviews.

Cameron Booher, a recruiter for Volkswagen, is here to tell you what employers are looking for. Watch this video to get insights from an employer who is a heavy user of virtual interviewing.

Live Video

Recorded Video

Detailed live virtual interview tip sheet:

Detailed recorded virtual interview tip sheet:

Virtual interview practice with Interview Stream

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Telephone Interview Tips

  • Interview in a quiet place.
  • If possible, use a landline phone and temporarily disable call waiting.
  • Keep these items at hand: copies of materials you have sent the interviewer (resume, cover letter, writing samples, etc.), information you have received from the organization, a “cheat sheet” of research information you have gathered about the organization, a list of your significant experiences and skills that you wish to communicate, a list of your questions about the organization and the position, pen and paper.
  • Consider standing throughout the interview. It will help you project energy and reduces the risk of sounding too casual over the phone.
  • Smile and be enthusiastic.