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You may not know exactly what you want to major in, what career path you’ll take, or where you want to work or go to grad school after graduation. And that is OK! There is plenty of information here for when you want to figure it out. There are also coaches standing by who can help walk you through these tough decisions.

Trying to pick a major?

Wake Forest offers over 35 of them!

With so many majors to choose from, it can seem a little intimidating. Consider all your options, explore your interests, and be open! And remember this: Your major is NOT the same as picking your career! Discover the endless possibilities, and the best ways to explore your options.

Your major complements your skills and experiences.

You will have a greater chance of excelling when you choose a major you are passionate about.

Be open-minded and consider all your options. Do some research and talk to others before making a decision.

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Take a look at industry overviews, position types, helpful resources and more for over twenty industries. Need more info and guidance? Come see a coach.

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Deacons come from all over, and they go all over once they leave. If you’re interested in a specific city, learn about major companies, housing resources, how to connect with local alumni, and more.

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Grad School

Learn how to research, apply, and interview for the graduate programs of your dreams. And figure out what the grad school of your dreams is. Make an appointment with one of our career coaches to review your resume/cover letter, personal statements, or even help prepare with a graduate school mock interview.

All about Grad School

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Gap Year

Unsure of your next steps? Your opportunities are endless… even when they seem unclear. Whether it be a year working on a ranch, traveling the coast, researching cures, or joining the military, discover if a gap year is right for you.

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International Opportunities

Identify the tools you need to make your overseas, post-grad dream a reality. From teaching abroad in programs like WorldTeach, to joining international organizations like the Peace Corps, check out the questions to ask and the steps to take towards traveling around the globe.

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