Where to look for an internship

We highly recommend the many resources listed below and believe you can use them to find internships in fields that interest you. Remember that networking plays an integral role in both finding and landing an internship. You will also need a well-targeted resume and cover letter and solid interview skills to help you get the internship. Looking for an internship in a specific location?  Use our location specific resources.

Top 3 Search Sites

Handshake is the best resource to begin your internship search. This WFU hub for career-related information allows you to review, apply for, and set up interviews for internships, some of which are only available to Wake Forest students. If you fill out your profile with your interests you will receive targeted emails with information and internship opportunities available in your specific career fields of interest.

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Tired of searching on companies’ websites for internship postings? Indeed.com is one of the most convenient ways to search online for an internship. This site searches organizations’ websites for internship listings, making your search easier. Search using your skills or interests to help narrow down your options.

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The “professional Facebook” of the working world: LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great resource to network, research companies of interest, locate informational interview contacts, and improve your personal brand. This free site opens the door to over 70 million professionals around the globe, representing 150 industries.

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Other Search Sites