Step 1: Update your personal branding

Have your resume good to go

Set up your LinkedIn profile

Complete your Handshake profile

Step 2: Find jobs to apply to


Thousand of jobs are currently posted in Handshake. Apply now and often (we suggest applying to 5+ a week)


In addition to Handshake, LinkedIn has thousands of jobs posted. There is even the ability to search for remote internships.

Other job search sites:

Step 3: Get help

We have no doubt that you’re capable of navigating your own college-to-career experience, but why do it alone when there is a team ready to assist you?

Step 4:


– We suggest applying to 5 or more jobs per week

– Set up search agents in Handshake to help find relevant internships

Step 5: Practice for your interviews

Help for International Students

Other Resources

Career Core by Kaplan

Career Core by Kaplan is free to Wake Forest University students. The courses are taught by our very own Wake Forest professor Heidi Robinson and spotlighted Wake Forest students.