Job Offers

What Should I Do?

Use the following steps as a guide, and congratulations on your job offer!

  • Reach out to your employer directly and use the language below as a guide
    • Express your excitement and interest in the opportunity and willingness to be flexible
    • Confirm the start date and determine whether you will be working on-site or remotely
  • Continue to stay in touch with your employer after the initial contact.
  • If you haven’t already done so, let us know where you’ve landed.


Dear Ms. or Mr. ________________ (substitute first name if appropriate & used previously),

I am excited to come to your firm and begin making an impact for your group.  

Right now, I am finishing up this semester at Wake Forest and have had the opportunity to continue my research on ____________ (your industry) and developing additional (skills or proficiencies) in ___________ (skills from classes, or self-study like LinkedIn Learning workshops or classes that would add value such as programming and/or professional certifications).  

Could we please schedule a phone meeting to discuss other actions you may wish me to take prior to my start date?

Again, I look forward to becoming a member of your team at ________________.


Your Name