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First Destination Data by Major

First Destination Data divided by Major

Accountancy│ Anthropology│ Art History │ Studio Art Business & Enterprise Management│ BiologyBiophysics│ Chemistry│ Classical StudiesChinese│ Communication│ Computer ScienceEconomics│ Education│ English│ FinanceFrench│ German│ Health & Exercise Science│ History│ Japanese*│ Latin*│Mathematical Business│ Mathematical Economics│ Mathematics│ Music│ Management Information Systems*│Philosophy│ Physics Politics & International AffairsPsychology│ Religion│ Russian*│ Sociology│ Spanish│ Theatre │ Women’s and Gender Studies*

Each link above will provide you with a summary sheet, sampling various jobs and locations for Wake Forest graduates in that specific major since 2004. Downloading an excel spreadsheet for each major is also available by clicking the appropriate link. For a complete, sortable Excel sheet of all First Destination results from all majors from 2004 – 2014, click here.

*Excel spreadsheet only